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The origin of think tanks

Think tanks surround politics today and are the very things that are supposed to generate new ideas. But if you go back and look at how they rose up – at who invented them and why  – you discover they… [more]

John O’Sullivan: Look Ma, no brain!

This is a guest post by Captain PithartJohn O’Sullivan is the driving force behind the physics-denying group “Slaying the Sky Dragon” (aka Principia Scientific International, chairman: Tim Ball), a group so deeply rooted in denialist Fantasia that even Christopher Monckton… [more]


ik voorspelde hier dat Rypke Zeilmaker nooit zou ingaan op het feit dat Fred Singer niet meer of niet minder dan gelogen heeft over zijn financiĆ«le banden met de fossiele brandstoffen-industrie en die voorspelling is uitgekomen . Dat wetenschappelijk onderzoek… [more]