Ugo Bardi

Ugo Bardi teaches physical chemistry at the University of Florence, Italy. He writes on sustainability, peak oil, climate change, resource depletion and other subjects related to sustainability on his blog ""

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Aren’t humans a little weird?

Just a little note about something I noticed a few days ago in a hotel room. Note the ubiquitous sign where they ask you whether you want to be environmentally friendly by not having your towel replaced. I don't think…
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Jorgen Randers: updating "2052"

Jorgen Randers speaking in Cambridge, 12 Oct 2016Today, in Cambridge, a meeting was held with several of the authors of the "Glimpses" that were part of the "2052" book by Jorgen Randers. The idea was to update the forecasts that…
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The Emperor and the Druid

This text was originally part of the book that I am writing, "The Seneca Effect", where it was meant to illustrate how new technologies can worsen problems, rather than solve them. Then, the book took an aspect and a structure…
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The Sower’s Way: some comments

Image: sower by Vincent Van GoghThe publication of the paper "The Sower's way: Quantifying the Narrowing Net-Energy Pathways to a Global Energy Transition" by Sgouridis, Csala, and Bardi, has generated some debate on the "Cassandra's Legacy" blog. In the paper,…
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The day when the oil wars started

The title of this video can be translated as "Deconstructing Energy." It was prepared by UNED (Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia) in occasion of the international conference on peak oil held in Barbastro in 2014.The video is mostly in…
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Equality and Sustainability: can we have both?

Guest post by Diego MantillaRecently, in this blog, Jacopo Simonetta raised a very important question: Would a fairer distribution of income worldwide diminish the damage humans are doing to the earth? His answer, that it would not and would actually make…
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Brexit: a subversive in Brussels

The man from Gazprom: Ugo Bardi's speech at the hearing "EU Energy Security Strategy under the conditions of the Internal Energy Market" at the European Parliament, in Brussels, on Nov 5, 2014. I already described this experience of mine at the…
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Brexit: the fall of the Babel Tower

The Babel Tower: the European Parliament in Strasbourg.(adapted from a story told by Wouter Diederen)King of Babel: Minister, faithful minister, speak to me! I hear that there is unrest at the great tower that my workers are building. I hear…
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