Ugo Bardi

Ugo Bardi teaches physical chemistry at the University of Florence, Italy. He writes on sustainability, peak oil, climate change, resource depletion and other subjects related to sustainability on his blog “”

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"The Seneca Effect" Published

Springer: The Frontiers Collection© 2018The Seneca EffectWhy Growth is Slow but Collapse is RapidAuthors: Bardi, UgoPresents wisdom from an ancient Roman Philosopher that you can use today. Explains why technological progress may not prevent societal collapse. Provides a true systems perspective on…
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What is the worst product ever marketed?

The worst product ever marketed: the disposable butane lighter. Wasteful, expensive, non-recyclable, using non-renewable materials, having benign alternatives (matches). In short, evil. And yet, it was hugely successful. Image from Wikipedia.  Greens often exaggerate in inviting people to save energy and be…
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Stereocene: The Future of The Ecosystem

 During the "golden age" of science fiction, a popular theme was that of silicon-based life. Above, you can see a depiction of a silicon creature described by Stanley Weinbaum in his "A Martian Odissey" of 1934. The creature was endowed…
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The True Story of the Fall of Troy

Reposted from "Chimeras"According to my personal fantasy universe, Cassandra was not born in Troy. She was a Babylonian priestess who ended up in Troy after a series of weird circumstances related to the battle of Kadesh and she was adopted by King Priam and became…
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Wind Power: the True Story

They say that a good book should always tell a story. And this is true for this book by Paul Gipe. Titled "Wind Energy for the Rest of Us" is not just about the technology, but it tells the whole…
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