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The long-term threat of sea-level rise

Road repair along Nippon Causeway, 2014 My recent article in Scientific American discusses how low-lying coral atolls, like the islands of Kiribati, are a lot more resilient to sea-level rise than dire stories in the media may have you think.…
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A blast from the coral past

This blue coral specimen was collected during the U.S. Navy expedition to Bikini Atoll, in advance of the famous hydrogen bomb tests and forced evacuation of the Bikinians. After years essentially collecting dust in someone’s basement, a group of corals…
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What is, and is not, climate “data”?

The word “data” is misused a lot in conversations and publications about climate change. How many times have you heard or read the phrase “future climate data”? Data, according to the Webster-Miriam dictionary, is factual information (as measurements or statistics)…
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Is El Niño on the way?

Following on a study by my former student Sandra Banholzer and I about the influence of different types of El Niño on global temperatures, I sat down with UBC Public Affairs to answer some questions about the possible return of …
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