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Handbrake turn

I should write up day 2 before day 3, else I’ll be coloured. There’s a riggercam video, again, but it will look pretty similar to yesterday unless you care, so instead here’s some footage from Grassy. This has the benefit… [more]

At last, Champs One

More nonscience, I’m afraid.
When we left off the never-ending story last year we’d just bumped Press, and were rather regretting not getting a shot at Champs. Roll forwards a year, and its Tuesday again. We have six of our… [more]

The bomb plot

Turning aside from the moment from the strange world of Monkers we come to something that at least touches on science: to what extent did the atmospheric nuclear tests of the 50′s and 60′s affect the climate? It turns out… [more]

Battle of the graphs

The battle of the graphs provides a learning opportunity says “American Elephants”, and indeed it does, though possibly not in the way they’re thinking.
I haven’t been able to clearly identify the source of this image (which is the reason… [more]

Force X from outer space

Also known as the worst movie ever made. What I’m going to discuss doesn’t come even close to “the worst blog post ever made”, but, well, you’ll see.
So: the backstory. I’ve been commenting on some of JoNova’s stuff. Its… [more]

Tamino considered scary

Tamino (Open Mind) is a pretty good blog, but I hadn’t realised until recently just how scary the denialists find it. As a case in point, I commented at NoTricksZone, who had said:
the GLOBAL WARMING STOP has been extended… [more]

Bad beekeeping, May 2014

It is May, when an old man’s thoughts turn to bees. There’s been a certain amount of swarm-catching but nothing too exciting. I thought I’d write down where I’m up to, for future reference and perhaps as some light relief… [more]

Tol goes emeritus

Richard Tol and the 97% consensus – again! Need I say more?
OTOH, he isn’t a bozo.
* Richard Tol is being oppressed!
* Big City Lib on the GWPF (P3) and BCL himself
* The necessity of TOBS… [more]

Australians for coal

It’s good to see australiansforcoal.com.au (h/t: MH) because it means they’re worried. If it didn’t exist, it would mean they didn’t feel under threat, much in the same way that the dork side fear wiki. Its also nice that they… [more]

Ukraine: cartoon

I don’t have anything particularly sensible to say about the Ukraine for the moment, but I like this cartoon (I had thought I was intending to print my wise words every three weeks or so, but I see my previous… [more]


Over at WUWT, AW wondered Is it time for an “official” climate skeptics organization, one that produces a policy statement, issues press releases, and provides educational guidance? To me, that looked like a fairly crude attempt to monetise WUWT and… [more]


My previous post Policy? trailed off in the comments in a variety of odd directions, as long comment threads are wont to. So I’ll offer you this quote:
For there are some people on the left who keep insisting that… [more]


ATTP has a post discussing Mapping the sceptical blogosphere (which I’m sure I read (the paper, I mean) and had the same reaction: “whaat? You mean they’re taking these jokers seriously?” But I don’t seem to have written it down… [more]